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Fried Elliott

  2006 Snipe US Nationals Slide Show

12/7/2006: The copyright holder for a song used in one of my slideshows has notified me that I am in violation of their copyright. Therefore, I am disabling download of all slideshows from my website until further notice.

What is it ?
The slide show is a compilation of approx 215 images from the 2006 Nationals set to music, an initial version of which was presented at the final awards dinner. Duration is 9 minutes. You are encouraged to use the presentation at fleet meetings, boat shows, and any situation where you want to promote the Snipe class.

How does it work?
The slide show is a WINDOWS .exe file. It does not run on Macintosh computers. It is a self-sufficient .exe file you run directly from your computer just like any application. No other files, utilities, or plugins are needed and you do not need to be connected to the Internet to run it once you have downloaded and saved the .exe file to your local hard drive. There is no installation process, simply download the file and then double click its icon to launch it.

First, download the .exe file by clicking on the download link below and save it on your hard drive in a convenient location. NOTE: The .exe file is 89MB in size. On a high-speed internet connection, downloading this file can take anywhere from 8-25 minutes.

Then, you run the slide show directly from your computer by double clicking the .exe file's icon. For best enjoyment, set your monitor's resolution to 1024x768 and have your computer's sound system set for comfortable listening. Once started, the slideshow will repeat continuously. You can terminate it at any time by hitting the <ESC> key.

If you encounter an error when you attempt to run the slideshow, it may be due to the download process resulted in an incomplete or corrupted file. This is very likely the case if you are getting a message similar to:

"Exception EListError in module 2006SnipeUSNationals.exe at ******** List index out of bounds (0)"

If you get a similar message, first check the file's size by looking under "Properties" for the exe file and comparing the sizes shown to these I see on my computer:

Size: 88.8 MB (93,178,916 bytes)
Size on disk: 88.8 MB (93,178,916 bytes)

If your file's sizes are significantly different than those shown above, try downloading the file again. If you continue to have problems, send me an email.

How to Contact Me

Correspondence: Fried Elliott
PO Box 940010
Plano, TX 75094
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Fried Elliott
c/o Acceptius, Inc.
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